Jomatex SRL

Jomatex SRL, is a family artisan company established in the city of the winds Juliaca in the Puno region in 2010.

We started working with 4 artisans providing labor services to exporting companies in Lima before formalizing.

Our first production and sale was thanks to our client Hildegard Fitzen with his PeruArt brand from Germany, that’s where we started exporting to other countries.

And our work team has been growing where we currently work with groups of artisans and artisans contributing to the sustainable development of communities and marginal urban areas of the altiplano.

Over the years, Jomatex has participated in national and international fairs such as the editions of Peru Moda and business rounds, placing orders to generate job opportunities for the Quechua and Aymara communities.

In 2017 we have been recognized as exporters of the clothing industry awarded by Promperu.

Currently we continue working under the fair trade scheme for national and international brands.


We are a textile artisan company with a network of strategic alliances dedicated to production and commercialization in the national and international market, committed to good fair trade practices.

Working to satisfy the quality standards of our clients based on rescuing ancestral techniques, thus generating the opportunity for growth for our artisans.


To be a recognized company in the textile sector at a national and international level, fostering a mutual relationship between suppliers and clients.

Processing method


Design process

Data sheet interpretation process

Raw material winding process

Weaving process

Quality control process

Steaming process

Labeling process

Bending process